12 Feb 2018

When Your Washer Makes Noises

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Is your washer tub banging on the side of machine?  Making a loud noise as it spins or agitates?

1)  If so, then check and make sure the clothes aren’t overloaded to one side causing it to be out of balance, thus, causing your banging noises.  Simply, pause cycle, re-adjust clothes and start machine back up.

2) Also, very common is the lack of water within the washer tub, especially if using AUTO SENSE FILL (this setting often times does not put enough water into tub).  If your clothes (especially heavy items) are not fully immersed underwater then you do not have enough water in machine.  If we don’t put enough water into the washer tub, the heavy weight will cause the washer tub to bang against the side of the machine – so let’s make sure we have enough water inside machine.

3)  Check and make sure no loose object(s) were left in clothing or pockets and now banging inside the washer tub”