15 Apr 2017

Spring Cleaning Your Washer and Dryer

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It’s Spring Time everyone! 

So along with the rest of the house, let’s clean and wipe down the washer and dryer while were at it.

First, let’s start by running a large Hot (water) quick wash with simply water and bleach thrown in-let run through quick wash cycle.  After this is through take a dry rag and wipe down washer inside and out.  If you have some Simple Green (a liquid spray that’s great on any appliance) spray inside tub then wipe with dry rag.

As for the dryer, you may use a rag and some Simple Green or any glass cleaner to wipe down outside and inside (tub) of dryer, and don’t forget the lint trap (where most of your dirt and dust collects).  And remember to always clean out lint trap periodically, this will optimize its heating ability.