Referral Program

Our referral program allows for both our rental customers and the leasing agents, and property companies recommending our services around town to earn a little reward for all your extra work.  We really enjoy showing our thanks whenever possible, especially when you make our family larger by recommending us to your friends, relatives, co-workers or anyone else you feel free to tell.    

Our Referral Program applies to; and works, as follows:


Referral from our Current Customers

If you are currently renting a washer, dryer, stackable unit or refrigerator from BCAL and refer someone whom acquires our services, and requirements met, you can receive a Free Amazon Gift Card (Max Value $25).  Multiple referrals accepted.  See program specifics below

Program Requirements for Gift Card

In order to receive the referral gift card; the newly referred customer must be delivered, installed, account set up and initial payment made on newly referred account.  Your account must be current to receive gift card.  Customer cannot receive (gift card) if in default, or remaining balance still due on account; and card will not be issued after date of new rental contract start date.  If you should refer more than one individual which results in a new customer account, and rental, as stipulated within, then current customer may receive another $25.00 gift card.  Max of two (2) cards may be given to any one customer/household/account.  If you should have any questions about our referral program, or want to inquire about a possible referral, simply click on the link provided below [CHECK REFERRAL – BCAL CUSTOMER], fill out inquiry form, submit, and we will be in contact.  Any customer(s) which have already received any promotional item, gift card, or other prizes valued at $25 or more may not receive gift card.



If you [Leasing Agent] are working for an apartment complex (management company/property owner) and refer someone for our services, and a new rental agreement is accepted then you may receive a $25.00 Amazon card for the referral.  We do ask that you check with your office management to ensure everyone is on the same page; and that such actions are acceptable within your [Agent’s] organization.  We are completely open with our customers and want to be just as honest with you.  Once referred customer is delivered, installed and initial payment made to BCAL only then can gift card be released for mailing.  After new account established, referral gift card will be mailed out to the address on file; if none on file, we will try to contact you.  Please provide mailing address where to mail gift card to you as we do not hand deliver gift cards.  So contact us through our website, this makes it easier to get your referral to you.  Simply click on the link provided at the bottom of this page [AGENT ADDRESS FORM FOR REFERRAL], fill out the short form and submit.  If you are a Management Company that accepts gift cards as a group (company) please have company contact fill out address form and we will be in touch shortly [AGENT ADDRESS FORM FOR REFERRAL]Also, you may submit a request for us to check and see if you have referred someone [CHECK for REFERRAL – BCAL CUSTOMER]Submit request form below and we will get back to you in no time.

Program Requirements for Gift Card

In order to receive the referral gift card, the customer referred must be delivered, installed, account set up and initial payment made to BCAL.  Only after such time can card be issued and mailed to address provided to our office.  If you have not filled out the Agent Address Form For Referral, take a moment after reading this and give us your mailing address, email, and any other information so as to ensure receipt of the gift card.  We do not hand deliver gift cards.




If you would simply like to send us a message or make a comment, please use the Contact Us button on Homepage – Thank you for all your assistance and God bless!