Full Size Washer/Dryer: Purchase Options

This section applies to those wishing to sign a 24 month contract with the option to purchase the equipment after the term of the contract at the fair market value.

At month 21, we will mail, and email, you a fair market value letter with the option to purchase the equipment after the 24th month.  You simply let us know that you wish to purchase the equipment on contract expiration date, make fair market value payment (on due date indicated in letter) and the equipment is yours.

However, until such time of purchase this is strictly a rental contract and will be considered and governed as such under color of law.  If you choose not to purchase at the end of 24 month’s you must either execute a new contract or return equipment.

We offer washers and dryers from the basic household models to your exquisite styles with glass tops, LED paneling, mobile app controlled technology, extra-large stainless steel tubs, Steam action dryers and much, much more!

We also, have the electronic capability to email customer’s spec and features sheet on equipment -simply request spec and features page on application and we can send for your review. 

If you have any question please contact our office by email (through this website) or call.  We’re happy to help!

    Pricing may decrease or increase depending upon your required specifications (extras) for the appliance.  All pricing below is based on items we currently have in stock and available today!


This is a standard household set with that Contemporary look.  Washer size is a 4.2 cu. ft. Stainless Steel tub / 11 wash cycles / Deep Rinse/Fill and much more.  Dryer is a 7.2 cu. ft. Alloy Drum / 120 ft. vent capacity / 3 Heat selections with an easy care and fluff cycle.  (see image)

Monthly Payment:  $64.99 (plus tax) per month for 24 month’s



This is a High Efficiency Glass top washer and sensory dryer (with optional Amazon Alexia control-crazy high tech!).  Washer size is 5.0 cu. ft. / 13 wash cycles / 1,000 rpm’s / deep water rinse / Control App (by phone) and so much more.  Dryer size is 7.4 cu ft. / 13 heat selections / LED controls / optional Amazon Alexia control and so much more (see image).

*  also, available in black (price may increase slightly)

Monthly Payment:  $95.99 (plus tax) per month for 24 month’s


*  Delivery ($36.00) and Admin./Set-up ($9.99) Charges:  $45.99 (plus tax) on all orders