New Customer Information

New Customer Information

·         We do our best to provide you with the most efficient and productive household washers, dryers and refrigerators in the appliance industry.  However, these are NOT like your folk’s washer and dryer…due to technological advances and other manufacture changes, we (as operators) must take care of the machines; otherwise, they will breakdown quickly. 

Please review the materials below it is part of your New Customer Packet and in the essence of full disclosure we want you to be comfortable with our services and equipment, which is why we put so much information out there for our customer’s.  We hope it serves you well.

1)      We DO NOT send out Monthly Statements.  You are due the same day as delivery (see Rental Agreement or due date magnet) every month.

 2)      Be sure to have read your Rental Agreement.  We are very transparent about our rental rates, service charges and other charges related to equipment usage – as you can see through our website.  We try very hard to limit your costs, and for us to do this – we need your assistance.

 3)      Customer has a 3 day grace period, after due date, late fees will begin to accrue at a dollar ($1) a day until balance is paid in full.   

4)      If a KNOB breaks, or is broken, do not attempt to use foreign objects to operate machine (such as pliers), this will damage switch (and you will be responsible in replacing).  We will replace knob(s) for free if you simply stop using, and submit service request.

5)      REVIEW Service Tips to help with maintaining, operating and keeping your equipment functioning at its optimal rate.  If you don’t know how to operate washer or dryer, please review our online materials, YouTube videos or contact our office.  We’d be happy to help!

6)      If you need to request a Service Call (review CHECKLIST), Move or Pick up Request complete through website.  We will contact you within 24 hours (exception-weekends).  Service Calls – please give full description of problem to aid with diagnosis of equipment (problem); otherwise, your service call may take longer to complete.

7)      All customers MUST review Service Call CHECKLIST before submitting service call.  Go to Residential Customer Service Request, select   service call and review CHECKLIST on Service Call Page.  If this information provided does not fix issue(s) then submit service call-and we’ll come repair or replace.

8)      We do not charge for service calls on normal wear and tear; however, we do charge for contract violations (see Rental Agreement) and calls for non-mechanical issues; such as human error(s) and/or operator error(s) (see CHECKLIST on Service Call Request page).

 9)      DO NOT wash bed comforters, quilts or pillows in the washing machine.  These items are too big for house hold machine, and made for industrial size machines; and will eventually cause damage to washer and most likely damage to your clothes. (See repair cost on service call request page).

10)     Under NO circumstances is it permissible to move or remove equipment from delivery location without written permission and authorization by BCAL; it is considered THEFT OF PROPERTY and will be filed as such with local authorities.

11)     Debit/Credit Card Payments:  Customers may set card in Monthly Auto Draft, send authorization to charge card on file via email (or CONTACT USwebsite), call in monthly payment or mail in personal check, money order or bank cashier’s check to:  PO BOX 861679, PLANO, TX  75086  | #How To Make Monthly Payments

12)   If customer wants to set a debit/credit card into Auto Draft, or to charge one time only, simply download authorization form from website, under FORMS, fill out, sign and return to office.

13)    We do have a Referral Program.  Refer a friend and receive a FREE month’s rental (equal to one month’s rent or a value of $37.50 in rental credit).

14)    Business Hours:  MondayFriday / 9am – 5pm

 15)    If you wish to convert to a Purchase Option, we can happily help you toward      ownership if that’s what you wish!  See Purchase Option section or Special Promotions section(s) of the website.  Complete with pricing, pictures, specs and features on equipment.

“Congratulations, thank you for taking the time to read our New Customer Information, and for taking the time and effort please submit PROMO CODE: NICE.”

Submit Promo Code thru the CONTACT US BUTTON for a dollar ($1) off next month’s rental, thank you again.


Pricing for Service Calls

Contract Violations / Human Error or Non Mechanical Service Calls


1)       Clogged washer water pump:                     $59.99 (plus tax) 

         (This usually occurs when you place quilts, comforters, and other such items in washer)

2)     Over loading / Out of Balance:                  $24.99 (plus tax) 

       (Clothes should only fill the washer tub ½ (half) way or slightly over / Make sure clothes are not to one side or more to one side than the other)

3)      Clean out washer bleach line:                    $24.99 (plus tax)

           (Only charge for only when you put soap in bleach dispenser)

4)       Broken Knobs / Cost of Part(s), Labor  plus $49.99 service call (plus tax)

            (Usage of pliers/foreign tools to operate equipment – this is a no, no)


1)     Clean out Lint Trap:                                     $24.99 (plus tax)

        (A Full Lint Trap will cause heat loss and effect drying)

2)     Wall line ventilation/Property Issue:        $24.99 (plus tax) 

        (If your dryer is very warm or hot to the touch, on its top, then there is a flow issue that must be addressed by your property maintenance / we have no authorization to work on property)

3)     No Heat selection /operator error:             $24.99 (plus tax)

        (Always check and make sure dial not set on FLUFF or NO HEAT)

4)     Broken Timer/Knobs/Cost of Part(s), Labor  plus $49.99 service call (plus tax)

          (Usage of pliers/foreign tools to operate equipment – this is a no, no) 

5)     No Power to Dryer / Breaker Box Issue:      $24.99 (plus tax)

        (Always check Breaker Box / check with property maintenance)

 All other non-mechanical or operator error service calls will be accessed our normal service fee of $69.95 (plus tax), plus parts and labor.

All other contractual violations, equipment repairs, costs, replacements, and all other violations are covered within your rental agreement and/or within this website (NEW CUSTOMER PACKET).

Don’t forget –  Submit Promo Code thru the CONTACT US BUTTON for a dollar ($1) off next month’s rental, thank you again.