03 Nov 2017

Ethan’s ZOO Adventures

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“This past weekend was awesome! Mom, dad, my new baby sister and I went to the Dallas ZOO for their Halloween Dinosaur Party.

I got to help Mom dress up baby Elise in a pumpkin suit, and Mom helped me with my new Mickey Mouse costume. I thought it only fair, since I was the pumpkin last year…so Elise can be the pumpkin this year. Isn’t she so cute?”

“I got a new costume this year, from one of my favorite cartoon characters……Mickey Mouse!”   Well, it sure seemed like one to me, remember I’m only two years and this many days old now (he’s holding up three fingers, but he’s actually almost 2 ½ years old).

“I crawled through this tunnel with Michelle, mommy’s friend, and we popped up and could see the animals really close up. It was great!”

“And we ran through the dinosaur’s playground, I hope they didn’t mind. It did look a bit small for them to play in.”

“I hid in their egg shells, but only for a few minutes, in case one of the dinosaurs came back for the shell. What was in this thing?”

“I think Mr. Dinosaur is okay with me; he gave me a high five. So I think we are good!”

This was an awesome day! All this stuff to play on and new adventures with the dinosaurs… Great job mom and dad, can’t wait to see what you do for Halloween night! And sure hope that all our Best Choice friends had a fun day as well. And wish you a very happy Thanksgiving Day with good food and family and friends. Grandma says we have much to be thankful for, and I think she is right. We are especially thankful for YOU!