Corporate Pick Up Request

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· Remember Open Monday-Friday (Hrs. of Operations)

· Please allow at minimum of 72 hours notice on all equipment pick up. Company is responsible to ensure rental equipment's return and in respectable condition.

· Hot Shot Pick Up - this can be requested for additional charge ($35.00 plus tax) - Make note in Special Instruction


Some apartment complexes in the area have begun to change their policy regarding hooking up and disconnecting the washer from their wall water line. Some are now requesting that we let their maintenance hook up or disconnect washer; to comply with this request, please speak with your complex regarding how you will need to make arrangement for their maintenance to complete disconnect of the washer, if required.  We wanted to be sure you are aware of the recent changes occurring and we will make every effort to pick up per our agreement; however, our drivers have much to do throughout the day and cannot wait for an indeterminate period of time for the complex maintenance to complete disconnection, please have done ahead of time. Thank You!