Disinfecting Equipment periodically this is always standard, but especially during these cautious times when it is so easy to transit germs and bacteria.  So advice people to occasionally run a washer load with nothing but bleach and then wipe down tub afterwards to help disinfect machine. And for the dryer, simply use kitchen (bleach) disinfectant. read more →

WASHER – How Can I prevent maintenance issues?

Remember to monthly wipe down equipment, run a hot cycle with bleach to disinfect the washer (then wipe down tub afterwards), check knobs (if they pull off) and make sure none are broken or damaged (this can lead to larger issues down the line) and replace if necessary, and finally pour some Bleach and Vinegar.. read more →

10 Dec 2019
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When Your Washer Makes Noises

Is your washer tub banging on the side of machine?  Making a loud noise as it spins or agitates? 1)  If so, then check and make sure the clothes aren’t overloaded to one side causing it to be out of balance, thus, causing your banging noises.  Simply, pause cycle, re-adjust clothes and start machine back.. read more →

Spring Cleaning Your Washer and Dryer

It’s Spring Time everyone!  So along with the rest of the house, let’s clean and wipe down the washer and dryer while were at it. First, let’s start by running a large Hot (water) quick wash with simply water and bleach thrown in-let run through quick wash cycle.  After this is through take a dry.. read more →