Ethan’s ZOO Adventures

“This past weekend was awesome! Mom, dad, my new baby sister and I went to the Dallas ZOO for their Halloween Dinosaur Party. I got to help Mom dress up baby Elise in a pumpkin suit, and Mom helped me with my new Mickey Mouse costume. I thought it only fair, since I was the.. read more →

03 Nov 2017
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Ethan at Halloween – Part 2

“Found Darth Vader in our laundry room freshening up his clothes. He knows good equipment when he sees it!” read more →

02 Nov 2017
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Ethan at Halloween – Part 1

Don’t know how Mickey keeps his white gloves so very WHITE! Mom has already had to wash and dry my gloves, and I’ve just had this costume a few days. Guess Mickey doesn’t like chocolate like I do! read more →

02 Nov 2017
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Spring Cleaning Your Washer and Dryer

It’s Spring Time everyone!  So along with the rest of the house, let’s clean and wipe down the washer and dryer while were at it. First, let’s start by running a large Hot (water) quick wash with simply water and bleach thrown in-let run through quick wash cycle.  After this is through take a dry.. read more →

Cut Down on the Mold and Mildew Smell in Your Washer

Here’s today useful tip – After use of washer, keep lid lifted for one hour and allow water drops inside washer tub to evaporate. This will help reduce the possibility of smells caused by mildew and stagnant water left over from washing. Be sure to check here for other helpful hints. read more →

Thank You For Your Support

Best Choice Appliance Leasing would like to thank all of you whom have supported us over the years.  We hope that this year brings you many more blessings and prosperity to come.  Best Choice would like to say a Special Thank You to: Lincoln Properties Post Properties Cool Springs at Frisco Bridges Villas at Chapel.. read more →

12 Days of Christmas with Ethan

In this season of giving Best Choice Appliance Leasing presents… The 12 days of Ethan’s Christmas! Follow Ethan and his quirky adventures over the holiday season leading up to his great Christmas Day bash! Each day Ethan will share with you one of his 12 days of Christmas adventures. All this will lead up to.. read more →