Being a Corporate Client

About Us:

We have been serving and supplying the general public, as well as our corporate customers, with washers, dryers and refrigerators since 1993; company was formerly known as First Choice Leasing, LLC. We are a family owned and operated business with a focus on customer relations and service quality. Whatever the job or project our goal is to make this the easiest part of your day!


When you become a client, you become part of our family.  We recognize every customer faces different challenges in aligning business needs with appropriate solutions. We are committed to working hand-in-hand with your company to evaluate your business’ appliance needs. We will address these needs with recommendations for order and acquisition, installation and equipment service. Partnering in these efforts will allow you the freedom to focus on your daily operations, and leave the details to us. We offer our client’s:

  •  Meetings with our staff to explore your revenue opportunities – What might benefit your business the most – to lease or purchase? What causes you the most headaches when dealing with appliances and your residents?  We can Help!
  • Sponsorships – We offer several sponsorship options.  We can help in many ways.  Let me show you how.  See page 2 for the various sponsorship options [photographic visuals included within].
  • We offer a fully informative website designed to help guide our clients, and yours, through the basics of running the equipment, to online services (move, pick up, delivery requests & BRAND NEW GENERAL STORE to purchase laundry and cleaning supplies delivered for FREE), service tips for maintaining the equipment and much more.
  • A family dedicated to answering any questions you might have with your newly acquired appliances, services available, etc.
  • Our 26+ years of experience within an ever evolving industry. We staying attuned to industry developments, and are able to lessen the exposure of our clients to common pitfalls.

We have the knowledge and power to get things done, let us show you how!


We understand that in order for you to retain your clientele, nowadays, for as long as they are willing to stay, you must provide certain amenities and other assorted entertain plans for your resident’s.  Whether that be a Clubhouse or pool party, Movie Nights, holiday parties, or other kid associated activities; we’d like to help out with some of these costly company expenses.

Fortunately, we are in the unique position to be able to provide our clients with many of these activities at NO expense.  All we simply ask is that you refer your residents for our washer/dryer rental services.  Currently we provide, Non-Exclusivity Agreements and Corporate Binding Agreement (from one to three years).  Below will explore a lists of options for Both Binding and Non-Exclusivity Agreements and some sponsorship options available.  Keep in mind, these are examples, and we can tailor your sponsorship package to your needs.

  • Non-Exclusive Agreement – can be used for Complex or Corporate events
  1. Gift Cards to raffle or giveaway
  2. Ice Cream Freezer filled with goodies
  3. Popcorn machine, Refrigerator Full of Sodas and other refreshments
  4. Monthly Lunches for the Complex Office / Corporate lunch
  • Non-Exclusivity Agreement is based upon number of accepted and signed agreements.


  • Binding Agreement –Those that sign up to be a member of our exclusive club will have access to our live entertainment package which can include a Disc Jockey with PA System for your event, or Live Music!, or Movie Night (it’s up to you have you wish to be entertained for the day!). Our exclusivity packages offers you the unique opportunity to entertain your residents or corporate events at NO Charge to you.  We can provide a PA system with a multitude of entertainment options [$350-$500 – value].  Multiple events can be easily negotiated.


The appliance industry, like the auto industry, is constantly evolving. Last year’s models are discontinued and replaced with the newer, more advanced designs. Even the appliance industry has been influenced by technology. Whether it’s a heat sensor on a dryer or a motherboard in a washer, new features are being introduced regularly to address safety and environmental concerns, as well as, performance enhancements.

I remember when we first started leasing appliances, back in 1993, a washer fell from the back of our first delivery truck (an old El Camino) and when we went back to put it on truck there was not one single dent, simply a couple of scratches.  Appliances today are often composed of less durable parts including thin aluminum bodies. Thus, the equipment must be taken care of when moving, operating and maintenance is needed if you want to extend the life of the equipment.  Do you have an electric dolly?  Well, we do and thus the rattling and shaking of machines are limited (this will allow for long term usage of machine before repair or breakdowns).  The lack of adequate maintenance often results in costly repairs and/or unit replacement.

(To left bottom of washer tub – basic model / computerized motherboard which operates machine.  One of the new technological advancements in the industry).



Corporate clients have the option to lease or purchase a washer, dryer or refrigerator.  We do not lease ranges/stoves, dishwashers, wine cooler systems (racks), or microwaves.  As for these appliances, they will have to be bought through direct sales or under a purchase agreement (discussed further – below).  If you are looking to upgrade or replace appliances for multiple properties, one property or an entire apartment complex/housing sub-division then we can discuss the various leasing and/or purchasing options available.  We will give you the options and then it’s up to you to decide what works best for you, leasing or buying?


We can offer our customer’s the very best in washers, dryers, and refrigerators for lease.  We offer two washer/dryer combo lease (retail rental) options.  One is our standard household model washer/dryer with all the basic functions and needs, and then there’s the more elaborate high efficiency washer/dryers (with and without Steam feature).

(Example of our High Efficiency with Steam Rental)

We can provide several different styles in refrigerators for lease from the standard household refrigerator/top freezer to the fancy French door refrigerator with bottom freezers.  Leasing is often beneficial to our clients for a multitude of reasons.  For our Corporate clients maybe you don’t want the headache of ownership (maintaining and maintenance) but would like to increase your overall revenue by including a washer, dryer or refrigerator (for houses) with the apartment or rental property.  This option might make your property more inviting to apartment residents, or other investors (passive investment) and housing rentals alike


Purchasing can often be the best option for our real estate investors, developers and even property management companies looking to supply small or large development projects, or to simply upgrade their rental property.  We can help navigate you through the various models so that you are not spending more on an appliance(s) than the property dictates or is needed.  We think you will be very pleased with our guidance and the systems we can set up to ensure equipment longevity.  No project is too small or too big.  (Some examples provided on website under Washer/Dryer-FMV Purchase Options)



Our leasing equipment is always in top notch shape and easy to use; however, when you lease a washer, dryer or refrigerator from us we will handle all service work on the appliance should there ever be a malfunction during the term of the lease.  We provide an online service request’s form which are quick and easy to fill out, which make it faster for us to service your problem equipment.  If you have any questions on how to operate the equipment you may simply contact our office and a tech will assist you or your resident.  However, we do provide a very informative section on our website dedicated to helping our customers with operating their equipment and making it last longer, see our Useful Information section (with frequently asked questions and useful tips for operating equipment).  This section is really awesome!


Along with advancements in technology so has the growth steadily increased in equipment costs for maintenance and repairs. You’ve probably seen this with your own home appliances that you might have bought recently.  Often times, the repair expense are excessive and a replacement unit is a more reasonable approach.

After purchase, if the equipment is maintained by professionals (like BCAL) and an adequate equipment service system set up to ensure longer life of your equipment (this is where we can save you a lot of money).

(Think about the actual repair costs?  Most companies charge $150.00 plus tax just to show up at your doorstep and diagnose the problem.  Now, that doesn’t even include parts and labor. Wow!)


You may look through some of our inventory on the Rental with Purchase Option Section of our Website, and Special Promotions Section, both under Our Products.   Our knowledge of the equipment and its operations is definitely superior in the industry, and our honesty with our clients make us a diamond in the rough.  Whatever the size job we are here to help you get it done and completed on time.

If interested in becoming a Corporate Client simply fill out the Corporate Application provided on our Home Page.  Once submitted, we will try our best to contact you the same day.

We can’t wait to hear from you!  And have a wonderfully awesome day!


Richard D Townsend, Sr.
555 Republic Drive, Suite 200
PLANO, TX  75074
214-850-9575 – cell – (Richard D. Townsend, Sr. / PRESIDENT)
214-801-0567 – cell – (Richard D. Townsend, Jr. / VP/MEMBER)