WASHER – How Can I prevent maintenance issues?

Remember to monthly wipe down equipment, run a hot cycle with bleach to disinfect the washer (then wipe down tub afterwards), check knobs (if they pull off) and make sure none are broken or damaged (this can lead to larger issues down the line) and replace if necessary, and finally pour some Bleach and Vinegar.. read more →

10 Dec 2019
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Dryer Maintenance-Is Cleaning the Filter Enough?

Even if you’re good about removing lint from the filter after every load, it’s common for lint to build up within the dryer, too. Once per year, disassemble the dryer and use a vacuum and a long vacuum hose attachment to clean out the lint. Or call us and we can clean it for you.. read more →

Refrigerator/freezer Disposal

Did you know that …….. It is illegal to send a refrigerator to a landfill without first removing the refrigerant, due to environmental and safety issues? Only licensed professionals can do this procedure. Contact your local municipality for more information. Many offer services to pick up refrigerators and properly dispose of them – for a.. read more →

Best Refrigerator and Freezer Temperature Tips

Your refrigerator’s thermostat should be set to 36 to 38 degrees Fahrenheit (approximately two degrees Celsius) and your freezer’s thermostat from 0 to 5 degrees Fahrenheit (-18 degrees Celsius). If your model does not have a thermostat, use a thermometer to check the temperature. Adjust the control as needed. read more →

Full or Empty Freezer?

Your freezer works better when it’s full. That’s because the frozen items help keep the other items cold as well as help maintain the cooler temperature in your freezer. If your freezer currently has some extra space – don’t worry – we’re not telling you to buy more groceries to fill it! All you have.. read more →

Putting your Refrigerator/freezer in the Garage?

Yes, you can put a refrigerator/freezer in the garage. However, if you live in a region in which the temperatures drop below 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius), this is not a good idea. Such temperatures could cause the oil in the compressor to thicken, leading to premature compressor failure or other issues. Also, refrigerator/freezer.. read more →

When Your Washer Makes Noises

Is your washer tub banging on the side of machine?  Making a loud noise as it spins or agitates? 1)  If so, then check and make sure the clothes aren’t overloaded to one side causing it to be out of balance, thus, causing your banging noises.  Simply, pause cycle, re-adjust clothes and start machine back.. read more →

Refrigerator Sanitizing

Refrigerator Sanitizing: Once a month use bleach filled cleaner to wipe down inside of refrigerator to disinfect and help keep germs at bay and food safe from harm. read more →

Refrigerator Deodorizing

Refrigerator Deodorizing: Place a box of soda box in back of refrigerator (to help with smells and freshness), replace every other month, and recycle by pouring contents down the drain to refresh. read more →

Ethan’s ZOO Adventures

“This past weekend was awesome! Mom, dad, my new baby sister and I went to the Dallas ZOO for their Halloween Dinosaur Party. I got to help Mom dress up baby Elise in a pumpkin suit, and Mom helped me with my new Mickey Mouse costume. I thought it only fair, since I was the.. read more →

03 Nov 2017
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